Acid Washing

Sometimes pools haven’t been cleaned for a long period of time for one reason or another. Having your pool acid washed will decontaminate and cleanse the pool to make it safe for swimming again. If you're looking for a reputable pool company for acid washing, look no further than Lester Pools Inc.. We have been providing acid washing services for over 14 years.

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Why Acid Washing for Your Pool?

Acid washing an extremely dirty or contaminated pool will make the pool safe for swimming. The process removes oxidized metals, algae stains, and foreign particles. It can even In less harmful chemicals that have built up. With the power of our acid wash, Lester Pools Inc. can bring your swimming pool back to life! 

Lester Pools Inc. Has the Acid Washing Experience

Acid washing is not an easy task, and it must be done safely and properly. Lester Pools Inc. has been cleaning and maintaining pools since 2007, so you can trust that our experienced professionals will get the job done right.

Reputable Acid Washing Professionals

If a reputable pool service company is what you desire, then look no further than Lester Pools Inc.. For many years Lester Pools Inc. has been providing top-notch, reputable service to individuals in our area and are recommended by our clients on a frequent basis. Now is the perfect time to have your acid washing or pool cleaning services met.

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