Pool Maintenance

It is important to maintain your pool throughout the year, and Lester Pools Inc. does it all! Keep your pool in exceptional shape with a maintenance package offered by Lester Pools Inc.. We perform full-service pool cleaning, equipment inspection, and routine pool maintenance on a regular basis.

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Maintaining Pools is Our Specialty

When owning a swimming pool, it is imperative to keep your pool properly maintained all year round to ensure the health, safety, and lifespan of the pool. With pools, you can't just set it and forget it. Lester Pools Inc. specializes in swimming pool maintenance because we understand the importance of a beautifully healthy pool.

Our swimming pool maintenance includes:

  • Service Plans
  • Algae Removal
  • pH and Alkalinity Levels
  • Chemical Treatments
  • Brush and Skim
  • Equipment Inspection
  • Pump Service
  • Filter Cleaning
  • Vacuum
  • Empty Baskets
  • Pool Opening
  • Pool Closing

Lester Pools Inc.: Experienced Pool Maintenance Experts

Lester Pools Inc. has been providing pool maintenance and pool cleaning services at a high level since 2007. Whether your pool is in need of regular simple chemical treatments or a full maintenance plan, we're the only name you need to know to keep your pool water sparkling clean. Reliable, knowledge and affordable, our staff provides premium pool maintenance. Written maintenance plans help local pool owners to rest easy throughout the swim season, knowing their pool is being well taken care of. Quality is the number one priority at Lester Pools Inc.. Your pool deserves the best! Our top-notch, personalized service is conducted with your family's needs in mind.

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