Pool Water Testing

Lester Pools Inc. has been providing pool cleaning and pool maintenance services since 2007. An essential part of pool cleaning is water testing – make sure the water is safe for your family and friends. Taking care of your pool is our number one concern. Testing the water in your swimming pool critical. We keep your pool in the proper pH balance and alkalinity balance. We will make sure it has the proper amount of chlorine and prevent calcification. Our experienced technicians pride ourselves on providing a first-rate, professional service.

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Pool Water Testing Specialists

Our pool water testing services can be combined with our full-service pool cleaning and pool maintenance services. If you want more than just your swimming pool water tested and adjusted, Lester Pools Inc. can handle it all, from one-time cleanings to a regular maintenance service plan.

Safe, Healthy Pool Water

Testing your pool's water regularly is an essential part of maintaining the welfare of your pool. Accurate readings of your water chemistry will help Lester Pools Inc. understand what products your pool needs in order to keep your pool water safe and healthy. By having the water testing experts at Lester Pools Inc. test your pool's water, we can help prevent the possibility of under-testing or over-treating the water which will keep your pool properly balanced - saving you money! 

Why Choose Lester Pools Inc. Pool Testing

At Lester Pools Inc., we understand you have many choices on who will clean your pool or test the water in your swimming pool. We pride ourselves on putting our customers first and giving you and your family the best pool experience possible.

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