Chlorine Chemical Rinse

Make the Pool Safe for Swimming Once Again

Is your pool looking green and hasn't been used for a while? It's possible that algae has taken over. The best way to combat this is with a chlorine rinse, also known as a chlorine chemical bath. Lester Pools Inc. specializes in chlorine rinses for local pools, and our experts can help your pool get back in shape quickly and safely.

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We have been cleaning and maintaining pools safely and properly since 2007. You can trust our experienced professionals to get the job done right.

A chemical rinse for extremely dirty or algae-contaminated pools will clean the water and the surface, making the pool safe for swimming once again. The chemical rinse process removes everything that should not be in your pool, such as oxidized metals, algae stains, dirt, and debris. With the power of our chlorine wash, we can bring your swimming pool back to a clean and enjoyable state.

Our process is guaranteed to get your pool back into shape. First, we drain your pool. Next, we apply a solution of chlorine and water over the bottom and sides of your pool. After gently scrubbing to remove algae growth, we thoroughly rinse the pool and remove the wastewater. The final steps are to refill your pool and apply the correct chemicals to balance the pH.

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