Pool Opening

Please keep in mind the following points regarding pool opening:

  • The process of pool opening involves removing, cleaning, and storing the winter cover, removing all plugs/winter gizmos, replacing all pump baskets, skimmer baskets, and fittings, reassembling and starting pumps/filters/heaters, reassembling all ladders, and adding our chemicals.
  • Payment for the service must be made in full at the time of scheduling.
  • As the customer, you are responsible for filling the pool to mid-skimmer level, draining the pool cover, and leaving out all equipment required for opening.
  • While vacuuming is not included in a normal start-up, it is available at an extra charge.
  • All openings require prepayment. You do not need to be home if you arrange access to the pool system and the equipment. Please ensure that your outside fresh water is on for us to use.

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